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The Secrets Of Burnout Recovery No One Is Talking About

What works and what’s just more toxic positivity

Lea O
3 min readAug 26, 2022


Just keep at it; you’ll get it.

I closed the Zoom call, instinctively dropping my head into my hands. On the computer screen, 10 tabs with bookmarked articles about motivation, burnout, and recovery were open.

I was looking everywhere for more tips and tricks to cure what I knew was becoming a raging case of burnout.

It wasn’t that I needed to just keep at it, structure my day differently, get into a workflow, use 8D audio playlists, or come up with new ideas. I had tons of ideas and a well-curated schedule. I knew what I was doing and how to do it.

But I didn’t want to do it at all. Still, I kept reading, tweaking my self-care and mental health care routines, and worst of all, I kept writing even when it was draining me.

Since burnout was officially recognized as a mental condition in 2019, thousands of people have shared their burnout experiences. Lately, it seems to be spreading like wildfire among the writing community.

What’s the real secret to burnout recovery?

At the top of every A-list celebrity story about burnout is prevention. Other lists are geared toward newly packaged, old self-care ideas. More still talk about mental health.

But it all feels like the same old garbage of the mid-2000s when pink quotes about bubble baths filled social media.

We all paid a price for the self-care craze back then. Sure, self-care is always important, but the toxic positivity behind using self-care to treat any and everything didn’t work — not then, and not now.

So, what’s the real secret to burnout recovery?


Are extended breaks actually good for you? Most people need a break every 62 days or so to avoid burnout.

The flip side to all the stories of real-life folks’ burnout is they all took breaks. Perhaps not a long hiatus, but breaks nonetheless.

Burnout is slow and gradual. It takes little bits of your motivation and passion at a time. Sometimes it’s so slow that you…



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