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This Week’s Most Viewed Story (March 27, 2023)

Lea O


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Currently holding a 30-day writing challenge to rebuild my writing habits, engage with others, and reach my most recent goal of 300 articles.

This week’s most viewed story: Underhanded Life Lessons You Learn at Rock Bottom

My newest stories for this week:

  1. Journaling Is The Emotional Detox You Need To Improve Your Mental Health
  2. Top Regrets of Dying People That Made Me Stop Second Guessing Everything
  3. Read This When You Feel Behind In Life
  4. The Art of Ideas: How To Constantly Evolve in 2023
  5. Everyone Knew When Fear Ran Through My Veins

Most viewed stories of all time

  1. 3 Hard Truths About Adult Friendships Nobody Wants To Hear
  2. To The Gen Z’er Who Cancelled My Skinny Jeans
  3. The Secrets of Burnout Recovery No One Is Talking About
  4. I Didn’t Know It Was The Last Time

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BA in Sociology + Gender Studies & Psych. MFA in Creative Writing in progress. SEO content writer, editor, and ghostwriter. (Ex)-Personal trainer x’s a decade. 9X top writer.

Leah O’Daniel is a writer and editor with a decade-long career in fitness and health, along with work in digital marketing. She is completing her MFA in Creative Writing. She has written for dozens of clients ranging from luxury home items to commercial printing and packaging.

Her favorite stories are about community, connection, and how we grow.

She accepts editing and writing contracts for bloggers or anyone looking to improve their written craft. She currently lives in Texas with her beloved dog. Book a consult at