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More Secrets Of Burnout Recovery No One Is Talking About

Yes, it might last forever

Lea O
3 min readSep 4, 2022


Since burnout became officially recognized as a mental condition back in 2019, it’s taken the internet by storm. Lately, it seems to have spread through the writing community like wildfire. From A-list celebrity authors down, burnout has taken many of us out.

If you’ve never experienced burnout, it’s difficult to understand. It isn’t depression exactly, but it can present and feel like it sometimes. When you try to explain it to others, they might offer the same platitudes, too.

Just keep at it
Have you tried exercise?
You just need to get out more

When you search for burnout recovery, you’ll find many listicles that offer solutions like prevention, self-care, and prioritizing mental health. They’ll say you should take a break, but nobody tells you that burnout is slow. It never happens overnight, so recovery from it can’t happen overnight, either. It takes time to recover from burnout.

What’s the other secret of burnout recovery?

I burned out this summer. Thousands of blogs, emails, newsletters, and copywriting jobs brought me to the brink of collapse. It wasn’t that I couldn’t do it anymore; it was that I didn’t want to. It wasn’t the first time.

Five years ago, I worked as a personal trainer. I specifically worked with (mostly) women and seniors to improve their mobility. My focus wasn’t on losing weight, diet plans, or competitions. It was about coaching folks through transitional times and injury while helping them build habits of movement that improved their lives.

I loved that job. I spent six-seven days a week in a gym for nearly ten years. But it started to get old. One day, I sat down a loaded barbell and didn’t pick it back up again for no particular reason. I tried for years to rebuild my love of the gym and training, but I just didn’t enjoy it at all anymore.

The point here?

You may not recover from burnout at all

For all kinds of reasons, burnout, can be forever. Sometimes we’re just finished with certain chapters…



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